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CSCNL recognizes how challenging it is for community sector organizations to successfully navigate funding applications and how critical programs like the Canada Summer Jobs program are to hundreds of organizations in our province. CSCNL has created this resource page to provide assistance to organizations in navigating the CSJ application process as well as resources to help build your application with helpful hints along the way.

Section 1, Video Walkthrough

Get started on your application by watching this instructional video by CSCNL’s Manager of Skills and Digitization, Corey Weir.


Section 2, Resources
When completing the application, you will be asked to identify local priorities, provide a job description and detail a supervision plan.

  • Section 2.1: Identify your organizational constituency by postal code on this page.
  • Section 2.2: Identify your MP’s local priority areas quickly by referring to this list of priority areas by federal district and MP name: District priorities by MP
  • Section 2.3: Below are sample job descriptions used by CSCNL in the past. These are provided as examples only as a guide and your responses will need to reflect the positions you are requesting. Refer to the following document: CSCNL CSJ Job Titles And Duties


Section 3, Additional Information

For additional program details including the application process, please refer to the Canada Summer Jobs application page


If you have any questions about the application process or require additional support, reach out to us at:

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This information has been updated and is current as of December 20th, 2023

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