Succession Planning and the Community Sector

Planning for the Future

Despite a recognition of the importance of succession planning only 41% of organizations that responded indicated they had some form of succession plan in place for senior staff. Succession Planning is the process of ensuring an organization continues to run smoothly and without interruption after key people move on for whatever reason. It is the steps that an organization uses to ensure a suitable supply of replacements exist for key positions, and for managing effectively the transition of leadership roles.

Community sector organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador provide vital economic and social benefits to the people and communities they serve. A rapidly aging workforce combined with labour shortages have placed significant strain on many organizations, and highlighted the need to prepare and plan for change. We surveyed 156 individuals involved in the community sector to get a snapshot of how organizations view succession planning and to gauge their overall level of preparedness.

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Succession Planning & the Community Sector

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