An Overview of Retirement Savings Options

Are you concerned about the future of your organization when faced with a change in senior leadership? If your senior leadership is retiring or departing, you may worry about the potential threats to your organization’s stability and continuity due to insufficient resources for a smooth transition. Community Sector NL (CSCNL) is here to help.

Update: Organizational Continuity Transition Planning Pilot Project (OCTPP)

The submission period for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the Organizational Continuance – Transition Planning Pilot Project (OCTPP) concluded on June 30, 2023. With a total of 42 organizations expressing their interest in the program, we thank those that engaged with us during this initial phase.

What’s Next?

For those organizations that may have missed the EOI submission window, stay tuned for updates and announcements as we work to expand the program’s reach and secure additional funding opportunities.

About the OCTPP

The Organizational Continuance – Transition Planning Pilot Project (OCTPP) is an innovative initiative aimed at providing critical support to organizations navigating leadership transitions without the financial means for a seamless changeover.

Through the OCTPP, CSCNL offered financial support and direct Human Resources assistance to cover costs associated with recruitment and transitional costs for senior employees. This support can significantly ease the challenges that arise during leadership transitions, ensuring the continued strength and resilience of your organization.

What’s Coming Up?

Stay tuned for an upcoming informational webinar where we will delve deeper into the OCTPP and its potential impact on your organization. Additionally, we will highlight some of the organizations that will benefit from this program.

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